No Man Liveth Without Coincidences

I woke up early this morning and was reading The Vision & The Vow, and I got to the part that Pete Greig starts talking about the Honourable Order of the Mustard Seed.  It’s so right on.  The Moravians used ‘no man liveth for himself’ as their slogan, and I love it.  I searched it out (it’s in Romans 14, btw) and then was thinking about looking in My Utmost for His Highest, to see what Oswald says about it, but I didn’t; it was time to go.

And then, an hour or so later, I had a moment free in my car, so I checked out today’s entry.  Would you like to guess what it was about?!!

God is good at funny things like that.


2 thoughts on “No Man Liveth Without Coincidences

  1. Dave…
    Mum read the same passage this morning (she uses MUFHH). Nice to know we are all ‘receiving Him’ loud and clear!
    PS The CDs have arrived…

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