Doing it with friends

Apparently, in the olden days, your responsibility was to do your job and to do it well, and if you ended up making friends with some of the people that you work with, well that’s a bonus.

But we’re not like that anymore.  We NEED to work with our friends and be friends with our co-workers, or else we die!

My friends Jay & Erin have just got back from 6 weeks in the Pacific (remember: it’s HARD being a missionary), and it’s SO NICE to have them back – even doing nothing feels like doing something, cos we’re doing it TOGETHER, y’know?  That’s what life is about, I think.

I’ve had a mostly pretty hard kind of week, but feel much much better now – it’s so good to escape that tunnel vision thing that happens when you can only look at yourself and your stuff …


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