Today, I was being the special guest superstar person at an after-school club my friends from Kings Kids run in one of the primary schools near the YWAM base here, and I wanted to tell you about a little guy called David.

He first caught my eye cos he was one of only two white kids in the group (they’re mostly islanders, with a few east asians, in that school), and because, when the headteacher popped in, he expressed shock that David was sitting so still and being so good (rather out of character, seemingly).  And then, when Dee & I were doing our thrilling acoustic-rap-singalong number, I could see David singing the Love is all you need chorus with his eyes closed – the absolute picture of passion!

So nice.

And so, when we needed someone to come up and accompany us on harmonica for One Love, I picked little David; he was SO wicked!  He completely loved it too.  I like it when those things give these little people a bit of self-confidence …

And THEN, when I was in the hot seat taking people’s questions ("Where were you born?" "How do you become famous?" "Do you have a wife?" etc.), David put his hand up and asked, "Can I have an album?", which made me very happy – I like people with a bit of nerve – so I said yes.

I really like kids club-type stuff: so encouraging.  And I even had to do some signatures afterwards!


One thought on “David

  1. I know I haven’t been in touch – hope you’re doing ok – sounds like you are- what’s the latest with 24-7 NZ!

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