Who Flipping Knows?!

Yesterday was one of those gorgeous ooOOOooo-look-what-God’s-just-bumped-me-into kind of things.  COME ON!

Having heard in a vague sense that the guy who runs the Christian bookshop right in the middle of Auckland has a big heart for prayer, I wandered over there, to be confronted by a HUGE display of Red Moon Risings as you walk in – very fun.  And he wanders up with, "Can I help you?" and I say, "Actually, I’d really like a chat – I work with 24-7 prayer," and he stops dead, goes "Right, okay; I’ll just put this down and we can go downstairs and talk," like we had some important meeting planned.  But that pretty much was the deal actually; he told me 2 or three times that he’d been waiting for "someone like me" to come and talk to him, so he was ready for it – I think that’s very fun.

His shop is right in the CBD, and (out of that one little chat) it looks like we might open up the basement as a prayer room/Holy Space to serve the city and it’s people – somewhere for these poor beleaguered suits to be with God etc. – which I’d love very much.  And then of course you have the whole joy of miscellanaeous nonCs just wandering in off the street, which is where my heart really leaps. (Also spoke the the City Centre Sallies yesterday, and they had lots of people encroaching on their 24-7 room a fortnight ago – it kind of scared them!).  But first thing’s first, maybe.

The only limiting factor is that, as yet, it could only be open when the shop is (so no 2am crashing-out), but hopefully that might change.  I’m encouraged, and even more so with all the connections between this guy (Bogdan) and me:
– many YWAM links
– Vineyward links
– the only city in Poland I’ve been to is his home town (Wroclaw)
– I just spoke at the same meeting as his pastor 2 weeks ago
– my newest newest friend is also his newest newest employee
– and some more, but I’ve just got up and I can’t remember them …

So by the time he was asking me if I wanted to run it all, and to have my office there, and to make the whole book shop themed around 24-7 (using the walls to ‘do stuff’ on – Lord knows what that means), my head was kind of swimming.

But I take these things very lightly; we’ll see what God’s thinking, and go with that!


2 thoughts on “Who Flipping Knows?!

  1. … and Bogdan means “Gift of God”!
    Nice to know you are taking up our Polish connections Dave… which church in Wroclaw? Pentecostal or Baptist? We have very long term contacts in the Wroclaw Baptist church.

  2. a Charismatic Catholic one, from what he said. He’s going back (for the first time in 7 years) in a month …

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