By the Ears

Just a little episode from my funny little existence:

Last Friday, I was in Matamata at a YWAM base, where they gave me their 8:30-9:30am slot to chat about 24-7 in whatever shape I fancied.  Generally, we had lots of fun (I taught them how to pray like the Coptic Orthodox Church, which they flipping LOVED!), but it was the climax that made me wonder why the silly things seem to happen to me …

I’d done with talking, and (since it was the Pope’s funeral that day, & I’ve got a big heart for that sort of thing) we were going to pray for the Catholic Church worldwide.  We’d kind of got to that comfortable point where people are cool to shout things out, and one lady said, "I’d really like to pray for unity, so maybe we could join hands and stand in a circle or something," to general approval. Gorgeous cheesy Christians!!

So I said, "Well, do with this what you will, but a couple of months ago, I had this picture that unity is less like holding hands, and more like holding ears, cos it’s an effort, hurts a bit etc." and before I could say anything more, we had people jumping up going, "Let’s do that! Come on!!"

The sight of 60ish people earnestly praying whilst holding onto each others ears is a mighty one to behold.  You should try it.  Now.


2 thoughts on “By the Ears

  1. LOL! can’t say I have ever thought of unity like that…ouch! But the more I think about it the more it makes sense 🙂

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