My Dad‘s cleaning stuff in the kitchen, my Mum is watching a programme about Cliff Richard, I’m sitting here in the study feeling jetlagged, and my Sister, she’s lying in bed in flipping Kabul!

I’ve grown up always being around people from different countries (and having relatives in Canada & South Africa), but now it’s me and my family who are all over the place.  Being at home without my sister here doesn’t really work; it’s quite sad actually.  We all spoke on the phone this morning, and I suppose that’s why I’m noticing it.

Me & Sarah are quite similar in a lot of our outlook, and it kind of appears like God’s made us to be ‘whole world’ type people (belonging to the nations, addresses written in pencil etc.), which I’m so up for – it’s such a cool thing, y’know?    But I do miss her, and am missing out on her.  No one can really sit on you like your sister can.


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