Finding Your Voice

Right, so I’m a big believer that because all of us have unique DNA, history, experiences, cultures, interests, hearts etcetcetc, we SHOULD all have very individual voices – we shouldn’t just be an echo of the people who have helped shape us, but we should reflect God in a way that is completely (and tangibly) unique.  To be a voice, not just an echo, y’know?

I think you get me.

I also think that the same thing should apply to countries too, and you can see this sometimes (when nations/people have very distinct features and gifts-to-pass-on-to-the-world), but often, we have seen colonialism (whether political or cultural) silence all these unique voices, often before they’ve even had a chance to develop.

This is what I’m hoping will change in NZ, you see.  And by that I don’t mean just that the Maori voice and giftings will be heard in the nations (although that is part of it), but that the NATION will discover its unique voice, and use it to disciple the world.  If we don’t hear it, we are missing out.

As it stands, the Church in NZ has pretty much always imported everything – styles, songs, structures, even speakers, and other things beginning with S – and while Kiwis have gone all over the world (to amazing effect), the country itself is still pretty much an echo of its influences.  Where is the unique voice?

And then, this morning I was in my church in Exeter, and we all watched a Friends For Life video – I was so happy!  Friends For Life is a series made in NZ by a TV journalist called Rob Harley, intended to equip Christians to see how the Great Commission actually works in practise (with people’s lives being changed by being loved, cared for, and seeing Jesus in people etc.).  It’s quite Kiwi in style, and I don’t think I’ve seen anything comparable.  Isn’t that great?  I got to see something that doesn’t exist anywhere else but NZ used to disciple people in Britain!

I hope you can see why that was so encouraging for me.


3 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice

  1. so agree. in fact i think we have had this echo conversation before 🙂
    it’s something i want personally…and for my country…awesome that others share that vision…esp a non-native-kiwi
    so nice to hear a little bit of us is all the way over there.
    miss you 🙂

  2. David, hi! great to hear you expressing in words what I have only thought in my heart… We can’t even really claim a national dish. Pavlova (that’s disputed), Roast lamb (decidely British). I agree we need to find our identity and our message. Thanks for loving NZ!

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