How to make friends and twist their arms

Something I’ve noticed a few times in the last year or two came up again the other day, with the announcement of the LIVE8 concerts (and by the way, please fast and pray that I can get some tickets!):

Firstly, I loved seeing how fitting it is, for whatever reason, for events like this to be put together and led by British and Irish people – there’s something special there in how God’s made us, I’m sure; the compassionate thing, the sister peoples etc.

But the bigger thing: I re-remembered how wonderful it is for such genuinely WORLD-CHANGING stuff to be figureheaded by the Irish:  Bob Geldof & Bono in this case.  Why is it wonderful?  Well, try to find someone who feels intimidated and cynical about the Irish – it just doesn’t happen, does it?  Everyone loves them!  And because of that, HUGE (life and death) things like LIVE8 will never feel forced or heavy-handed, or cause sighs of derision or rage.  That’s an amazing thing, in a world like ours – such a gift, through which the Irish can bless the world.

And then I remembered something else, which I wont go into in lots of depth, but I’m interested in:  to me, New Zealand really could/should/might carry a similar thing.  Who feels intimidated by Kiwis?  Who is cynical of their motives?  For heaven’s sake, who DOESN’T like them?!!

I’d really like to think that part of NZ’s voice to the nations might be quite Irish-esque somehow …

ps.  I was going to write Irish-ish, and now kind of wish that I had 😉


One thought on “How to make friends and twist their arms

  1. we’re kind of a funny mixture of everyone in the British Isles, plus the Dutch, maoris, Pacific Islanders, people from South East Asia , etc -so I’m sure we’ll have our own unique voice

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