On a bench

Hi there, good morning.  It’s 7:08am just now, and I’m up ‘doing my office work’ since there’s often not much time to do it during the day.

I’m at the Oval now – it’s a YWAM base in Harpenden; the town I was brought up in – and I am at The Factory, which is kind of our little/big international friendship group.  I’m here for the whole summer, and it’s looking fabulous.  Here is the website, if you want to have a look.

I have potentially lots to write, and therefore don’t really want to write any of it just now …

But I wanted to let you know that wireless broadband is clearly a little-glimpse-of-heaven-on-earth:  sitting outside listening to the birds on a cloudless morning while most of the world is asleep just seems to make sense when writing emails.



One thought on “On a bench

  1. hey david,
    i read a great book that i think you would enjoy. it’s called Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. if you can’t get it at any Christian bookstores there let me know and i will send you one. cheers my friend! hugs to you.

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