Loving Linguistics

Just a quick one …

I’ve been having a really great time ‘doing stuff’ at The Factory this last week-and-a-bit, and honestly we’ve laughed more than I would have thought possible with a group of Christians (cos frankly, Christianland is often quite a sombre place …).  But at the same time, I’m not really feeling very loved.  And the reason SEEMS to be that my major love languages haven’t been ‘seen to’.

I’m a physical touch and quality time person, very very much so.

So, if there’s no one to hug me (and I mean properly properly regularly, y’know?) and no chance to have proper 1 on 1 time with people, then ‘it’ doesn’t quite work properly.

Yeah, so I’m missing those kind of people just at the moment …


2 thoughts on “Loving Linguistics

  1. Hey Dave, Mate I’m sad to hear you need more hugs. It’s good to know you’re aware of it though, means you can communicate your need. I’m a physical touch thought kinda girl xc

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