Day 4

Day 4 of the 40, and in all honesty, the last few days (in their own right, and as an overflow of the previous few weeks) have been wonderful to the point of using a word like ‘beautiful’, which would normally sound really out of place.

Some highlights:
– the focus on life/earth/the Bible as ONE BIG STORY (we are characters, God is author + character + scenery etc.) has been gorgeous
– a public reading of the Lion, the Witch, & the Wardrobe on Tuesday
– a ‘bottom up’ focus (almost unique in a conference/gathering), with the emphasis taken away from speakers and given to us as participants
– the arrival (out of the blue) of 2 NZ girls, who I love!
– our inter-cultural love feast last night
– us genuinely not knowing where God is going next
– a very passionate Make Poverty History morning yesterday
– so many friends, so much love

I’d love to write more (and more regularly), but time and tiredness tend to intervene.  I’m off to Edinburgh for Make Poverty History tomorrow night (overnight coach there AND back – FLIP!) so will report again on Sunday.  Farewell …


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