Yeah, just a few hours (and an absolutely terrifyingly wonderful meeting) later, a few more words in your ear …

I wish I could share this space/place/environment/vibe/community/theme/stuff with everyone I know, really I do – there’s no way of doing justice to the combined momentum and excitement of a group from 25 nations polyloguing (it’s a word we use …) on chapter 2 of Genesis and coming up with A HOST OF ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD STUFF THAT I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF BEFORE IN ALL MY FLIPPING LIFE OF GOING TO FLIPPING CHRISTIAN THINGS!!!  This is absolutely new for every single one of us, and I was honestly dancing (while sitting down) with delight at several points.  My head is bursting with stuff, so I’m breaking my computer-curfew in order to let a few things out, in the forlorn hope that my brain might be able to calm down enough to go to bed sometime before breakfast time tomorrow 🙂

And additionally, when was the last time that you were in the meeting where the mic was left open to anyone who ‘had something from God’ and someone came forward and sang ‘I Believe in a Thing Called Love’?!!

(I’ll let you wonder about who it was …)

Anyway, wish you were here.


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