Making Poverty History

I was in Edinburgh for about 8 hours yesterday, sandwiched neatly by an astonishing 26 hours of travelling (15 hours going, 11 returning) – getting to NZ is comfortably less than that …

But I have no moans, I’m just so so glad that I was able to be there.  At about 2:30, we had just got moving on the march, and my sister phoned from Kabul to say that she was watching on TV and was so happy to be part of it – isn’t that just wicked?

It’s the big picture stuff that really excites me – the numbers of people/organisations involved, the nations represented, the scale and variety of Live8 concerts etc.  I love seeing things that I belong to, but are so huge as to not require me, y’know?

The only annoying thing about the day was the way the Socialist Worker/Stop the War/anti-capitalist/anarchist peoples tried to turn one of the sweetest and gentlest-natured demonstrations I think there must have ever been, and re-focus it on hate rather than hope.  It left a sad feeling and a bitter taste, as well as leaving me feeling for the Americans in our group.  A few lads put together a banner from a bedsheet in response, saying ‘Make Hijacking Demonstrations History’, and SO many people were thanking them …

Otherwise, it was pretty beautiful, though I felt more solemn than anything else.


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