I’m the King of the Swingers

Hello my dears.  I’m typing this (with slightly frustrating lack of velocity) with my right hand only, since my left is now out of action.  Let me tell you why:

It was a classic sunny afternoon, so we were hanging out under the trees and so forth.  I’ve not climbed a tree for years, but I was quite up for it.  You can see where this is going, yeah?  The inevitability of freewill …

Yes, so I got up there, & then fancied coming down, utilising the ‘monkey method’:  hang on a branch and drop.  But, sadly for my poor shoulder, the branch decided to let go before I did so, leaving me to accelarate sharply and land on my back (quite hard).  Thereafter I got to do all the things that you get to do: neck/body brace; ambulance; laughing gas (quite good, but not funny); long long LONG hospital wait; painkillers; and the rest.  Mostly it was quite boring really, so I’m extra glad that my sister was able to come with me.

So, I have a fracture of the ‘ball’ bit on the end of my humorous (not funny), and a bit of a general shoulder dislocation too – I go back on friday for them to mess around with it.  I would be very up for God healing it (cos it hurts), so if you could please pray for me I’d appreciate that – the healing process will probably take several weeks otherwise.  I wont write more, thanks for reading.

With lots of love …

  x David x

ps. if you do pray, please remember that when I had my face smashed in (back in 2002) I had a proper miracle come out of everyone who prayed for me.  It can & does work.


2 thoughts on “I’m the King of the Swingers

  1. David! Bless you that’s horrible, I’ll definitely be praying. Rest up mate, it was great to see you at the weekend, your smiling face gave me energy xc

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