this fracture is an ex-fracture

Yeah well, believe it or not (I do, by the way), but God seems to have healed my shoulder!

It happened yesterday afternoon, when my friend Patrick (and then some more of my symposium) prayed for it – cue 25 minutes worth of the kind of shaking that you can’t fake – and now it’s different.  I can’t say EXACTLY what’s happened, I just know that before I couldn’t move my left arm under its own steam, and now I can!

It looks like God has healed the fracture in my humourous (we couldn’t see it on the x-ray this morning), but the muscles, tendons, ligaments etc. are still out of place and pretty sore – it looks like I’ll need physio to get full movement back.

Nevertheless, quite a few of the things below are out of date now – I can tie my shoes (how exciting!!), I can go to the loo ‘normally’ (and I’m sure you’ll understand what joy that brings), I can use underarm anti-perspirant with either hand, I can hug people, I can play guitar, and – best of all – I can put my hand in my pocket again (WOW!!!).  Life is good.

So thank You God.


3 thoughts on “this fracture is an ex-fracture

  1. amazing! God’s so cool!! i’ve recently been healed of migranes, and it’s got me praying hard-core for God to heal one of my friends that has chronic fatigue. way to go Jesus!

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