a bit too precious

Yeah, so 40days has been continuing, but I’ve not really said anything about it to any of my friends.  It’s an interesting thing when stuff is going on that is affecting (/shaping?) you on the deepest bits of your insides, and then someone asks, "So how’s it been going?"

I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that some things are a bit too precious to talk about in that kind of way – almost like it’s a secret, and the magic would disappear if I said it out loud.  Something like that.

It’s been like that here, the last 3 days in particular – I don’t want to tell anyone about it.  Sorry!


3 thoughts on “a bit too precious

  1. I agree!! It’s too special, God is digging deep…I don’t want to articulate it. Thanks for this blog Davie boy…it rocks and so do you my oddball friend!

  2. yeah i get that mr dave, it’s like the name of aslan and one should only speak of it with reverence and fear. i think that now is a time of locking away for many of us, that God is giving us things that he wants us to lock away and ponder, some might even say ‘slow-roast’. enjoy the process davey boy and i hope one day we shall meet for a delightful cup of english tea and discuss the wnders of the lord, eddie izzard and croon to one another in melancholic joy.

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