As is often the way with these things (I guess), it’s much easier to keep quiet when you’re not feeling too well, and wait to get better before you talk about it.  Ah well.  (That’s my way of apologising for not writing anything this week yet, by the way).

But since I’m nearly feeling pretty-decent-really again, let’s talk about life, shall we?

I was in hospital from Monday morning till Wednesday afternoon (ie. a lot of lying in bed, but when you look at people who’ll lie there for weeks, you’re not so grumpy about it).  The operation seemingly went very well, and everyone seemed a bit surprised that I wasn’t really in any pain – they give you a self-activated morphine drip (not recommended for those of weak character ;), but I only used it when I was waking up from the anaesthetic, thank God.

At the time (especially on Monday & Tuesday), I was feeling very very prayed for – like my internal atmosphere was just wonderfully uncloudy, y’know?  So thank you if that was you!  It does make you wonder what’s going on when God seems quite happy to answer prayers in order that I don’t need to fill my body with opiates, but He doesn’t seem to want to just go ahead and heal my bones (and I have given Him permission, lots of times 😉

I was wondering out loud to a friend of mine about this a couple of days ago; how I can’t predict God at all, and sometimes that’s honestly the most annoying thing ever.  But at other times I realise that one of the things that I love most about Him is His unpredictability: I can’t know what He is or isn’t going to do, but I can know Him, and that’s the kind of weirdness that I find really attractive!  Know what I mean?

So yeah, since getting out of hospital I’ve been very up-and-down (what I call ‘fragile’ or ‘tender’), but actually doing life pretty well in spite of not feeling like I want to.  I absolutely flipping HATE slings (having been wearing one for nearly 2 months now), I’ve been getting headaches all the time, not sleeping, getting worn out superquick, wanting to have a bath or a shower and not being able to, and all the other things that you might expect to come up when you’re ‘getting better‘.  A friend of mine is staying with us at the moment, and I can’t tell you how much of a difference it makes to have someone around to go through it all with, and to get sharpened by.  I’m so so very grateful not to be on my own.

I’ll Need an Overnight Bag

Hiya.  Tomorrow I go back into hospital for them to sort out my shoulder, hopefully properly this time.  I’m going in Monday morning and expect to have the operation either Monday night or Tuesday morning (they’ll probably have to re-break the bone and put it back together with a metal plate and screws and everything), which is a bit crap cos it means I can’t go to the airport with my sister to see her off.  Ah well.

I’d appreciate people praying for me, if you’re up for that – hospitals aren’t really pleasant places for me.  And in addition to the normal things of sitting around waiting in hopeless boredom and dullness, I’m kind of scared of the prospects of having my shoulder and arm all plastered up or something; that sort of thing gets to me when I start thinking about it …

Speak to you soon.

Another Hero!

Television hasn’t really featured in my life for the past 3 or 4 months (cricket doesn’t count), thanks be to God.  When you’re in the middle of such a great run and you do watch something, it’s SO extra specially good if it’s just fantastic and inspirational and all that sort of thing …

We just watched a little documentary on Nat King Cole, and (bearing in mind that to our generation he’s pretty much known for singing big slushy ballads) I feel so inspired, and with a little lump in my throat too.

Even if you ignore just how flipping wonderful the songs are [Let There Be Love, Nature Boy, Unforgettable, Let’s Face The Music & Dance, Straighten Up & Fly Right etc. are near the top of a very long list], to be at the forefront of social reformation as the first black tv host (and absolutely CRAZY thing at the time), to be universally loved in ALL nations (and perform songs in the local languages on tour), and to have the most beautiful smile in history (me excepted), it just makes him a HERO, doesn’t it?

I love heroes!

In the words of Isaac Hayes: "He was cool before it was cool to be cool!"

Join Us!

This morning I signed up (and underwent the ceremony) to become a citizen of Danny Wallace’s new as-yet-unnamed country.  It’s already overtaken Vatican City, Palau, and Tuvalu, to become the world’s 4th smallest nation.  And it has a WICKED national anthem (with actions).

I challenge you!  Join us before it’s not cool to any more!


Or just watch the video for THE ANTHEM

God Save The King!

Sometimes it’s nice that things are nice

I’m in one of those lovely too-tired-to-REALLY-do-anything-much-apart-from-smile moods this evening (after a very nice day, a rather filling barbecue, and the kind of sunset you don’t quite expect to be as good as it was), and pretty much everything is well with the world.  40days finished last friday (after a very nice week, including quite a large amount of ‘stuff’ coming from a Kiwi direction, care of my buddies from Auckland), and now I and a few others are on our debrief week, which is SO much nicer than it sounds.

I don’t have any big POINT to make this evening (did you notice?), although you might like to know that I managed to end up singing ‘If I Were A Butterfly’ rather loudly whilst walking through the country lanes earlier, and I’m sure there may be a deep message in that for all of us …