I’ll Need an Overnight Bag

Hiya.  Tomorrow I go back into hospital for them to sort out my shoulder, hopefully properly this time.  I’m going in Monday morning and expect to have the operation either Monday night or Tuesday morning (they’ll probably have to re-break the bone and put it back together with a metal plate and screws and everything), which is a bit crap cos it means I can’t go to the airport with my sister to see her off.  Ah well.

I’d appreciate people praying for me, if you’re up for that – hospitals aren’t really pleasant places for me.  And in addition to the normal things of sitting around waiting in hopeless boredom and dullness, I’m kind of scared of the prospects of having my shoulder and arm all plastered up or something; that sort of thing gets to me when I start thinking about it …

Speak to you soon.


4 thoughts on “I’ll Need an Overnight Bag

  1. But when you DO go to the airport, think of the fun you’ll have in setting off the metal detectors.
    Praying for you!

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