the deal with leaving

Tonight I’m in Auckland, and tomorrow Tauranga – not too big a thing really – and I’ll be back in Aucks on Sunday.

But after that, am I ever coming back?

Man, it’s weird to think of the future in that kind of way.  I was hanging out with Jay & Erin (my YWAM friends&bosses for the last 2 1/2 years) today, talking about this ‘transitioning’ stuff (which Erin saw coming, 6 months ago, of course – flippin female foresight!).

It’s such a freaky thought that they might not be a completely normal part of my life before long – when I moved to NZ, they were my ONLY friends; I don’t remember what it’s like for them not to be there …

And just saying ‘goodbye’ doesn’t really say anything, does it?


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