Perfectly 25

I turned 25 this week!  Yes, well done me.  But the thing is, I think I might have had my best birthday ever πŸ™‚

Here it is in 7 easy steps:
i. Started off with doing my Coptic Prayers, and God seemingly SAYING STUFF to me – I had the line ‘you are my son, and today I have begotten you’ come into my head, so I found it in Hebrews and was directed to where it’s quoted from – Psalm 2.  It’s followed by ‘Ask of me and I will give you the nations as your inheritance; the ends of the earth as your possesion.’  A nice God-sized birthday present!
ii. I’ve never been given flowers in my life, and then I was!  Including 10 white roses – my favourite flower, as well as our Yorkshire national emblem.
iii. And then we had waffles for breakfast.
iv. And then, after a great morning of this-and-that, we went out in our little boat!  Out to one of the harbour islands, for a picnic, a beach, swimming & paddling etc.  And even some getting out of the boat to push when we got stuck in the shallow mud offshore πŸ™‚
v. Then a short nap.
vi. Then a fabulous birthday dinner (of Lebanese chicken), some presents, a whopping carrot-cake birthday cake, and a listen through my iconic birthday song …
vii. Then the most perfect moonlight walk I can remember (including sitting on the swings and enthusing about Benny Hinn – shocker!) with fun and holiness hanging around hand-in-hand, as it did when got back home.

But the funny thing about my perfect birthday is that it started on Tuesday, and finished yesterday (Thursday).  Interesting.  Nice to spread it out though, yeah?


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