now I am in Egypt

Well, after a whole day-and-a-half in my lovely homeland (although is has to be wondered how much London really counts …), here I am in another land, another continent, etcetc.  And it’s REALLY nice!

Maybe this is true and maybe it isn’t, but in a lot of ways I feel FAR more comfortable here than I was in the States – I love walking around at night (evenings are seriously GORGEOUS here), ignoring the taxi-vans beeping at me, and generally acting as if I’m not a tourist.  Which I’m not.

On thursday, I got to go to my SIXTH wedding in FOUR months (they’ve been in 4 different countries too), which was also my first time to go to an Orthodox church – a very good experience, by the way; I especially liked the old priest guy.

I don’t have many (/any) responsibilities here, so am free to be with friends, wander about, or do writing (I’m doing prep and/or planning for about 4 novels, 3 short short stories, and lots of ideas for childrens tv programmes – how much fun?!!!).  It’s a good lifestyle for me.

Speak soon …


5 thoughts on “now I am in Egypt

  1. oh geee i am wild with envy, i miss egypt in a huge way. where are you staying? if you go to kas du bara church at sadat, tell everyone hi for me. is it warm there? are they freaking out about the world cup? have you been to khan el khalili yet? have you been to the museum? okay sorry. have fun and be careful! 🙂

  2. is there sometime to catch up with you in central London this week – I’m available Friday (all day) or Thurs morning

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