Watching Cricket

Cricket is great, I like it very much.  Today England are doing very well and Pakistan are being a bit ordinary really, but that doesn’t matter, cos that’s not really the deal with cricket, is it?  I mean, I’m not going to attempt to convince any of you just how wonderful it is (because I’m RIGHT!), because this little bit of writing is not about that.

What is on my heart today is just how unbelievably sad it is to not be able to watch the test matches on TV anymore.  There would be nothing more beautiful on a gentle day like today than to wander in and out of the living room, watch a bit, read a bit, do a bit of work etc.  But I can’t because of the diabolical SKY and the greedy monkeys who run cricket in my country.

[there will be no satellite tv in Heaven, by the way]

All I can do is listen to (the admittedly wonderful) Test Match Special and wait for 45 minutes of highlights this evening.  I’m mean, for heaven’s sake!  How can 7 hours’ cricket be represented in 45minutes (of which about 8 are adverts)?!!  GOSH.

[Mahmood and Harmison are bashing it around beautifully just now, by the way, so I’m not really upset …]


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