You are my sunshine

It’s been windy (these past two days in the lovely grey monster that is Edinburgh) and wind is my sunshine.  For (seemingly) most people, sun is their sunshine, but that is not really the case for me.  Where you might lie around (on a beach, maybe) ‘basking’, I would be far happier to stand on top of a hill or a cliff or something and be BLOWN.

I just like it.  The reason that I’ve never cut my hair properly short (and hence, why I look the same as 10 years ago) is that I want it to be ruffled.  It’s fine and good when people do it, but that’s a bit of a bonus and a rarity, whereas now I live in Edinburgh I can have my hair messed around with every day 🙂

THEOLOGY OF WIND: In the Bible (both the Hebrew bits and the Greek bits), the word wind is identical to the word for breath and the word for spirit.  I’ve always had issues with the lack of physical contact with a spiritual God (I’m a tactile sort of chap, as you know), but now I prefer to smile and take it literally that one person of the Trinity is called ‘The Wind’.  God is wind, and true worshippers worship Him truthfully and windfully [as it says somewhere]

Hence, The Wind is my sunshine – He is my sunshine.  He makes me happy when skies are grey.


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