I’d much rather be in Bradford

Hiya.  Just came across this (a rugby league player’s response to being in Australia) and it touched me off somehow – kind of reminding me of what it’s like to be a Brit abroad etc.  Anyway, just thought I’d paste it in …


It’s not all it’s made out to be. All the Aussies come over and say how good it is, but I’d much rather be back in Bradford.

I’d rather be on Blackpool beach than Bondi beach. They can keep the country to themselves.

Leon Pryce

I’d be tempted to come and play here because it’s the best competition, but I think we have seen a different side to the way people are. I’m happy with my life back home, I’ve nothing to prove down here.

I don’t think they have much respect for us at all, as people as well as players. I don’t think they really like the English.

I never really understood it till we got down here. We don’t really care, but they don’t seem to be keen on us.

They keep going on about Pommies this and Pommies that, but we just get on with it.

We’re not really bothered. We’re not really fazed by what they say. If you get into that child’s play, that’s what they really enjoy.


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