Back in the summer, I picked up Watership Down from a bookcase at home, and read it again.  I’ve read it twice more since then.

Which makes about 5 times in all πŸ™‚

Wd_cover I find that when I really love something, repetition means nothing to me – going over the same narrative again just means to sink deeper into something you love anyway.  As you probably know, I’ve been doing this for years with the Lord of the Rings (I have at least 4 different bookmarks in there at the moment, and all are ‘active’), but Watership Down is a new entry.

Back in August I told Maria to read it and, like the wonderful girl she is, she bought it and LOVED it, and now we go bunny-hunting on Blackford Hill.

Woundwort_bigwig The Film:
I first watched the animated version when I was quite young, and of course General Woundwort scared the monkeys out of me (which is a good thing – I don’t need no monkeys).  I’ve not seen it for years, and then got it out on Friday so that Maria could see it before she went home for Christmas.  And now I’m enchanted again!  It’s not the best film ever, for sure, and certainly nowhere near as good at the book, but it’s got the same SOMETHING, and I just love it.  The voices, the characterisation, the scenary.  I can wallow in it.  Even the music does it.  I want to whistle it all day.  The Lord of the Rings music does that to me too, although the films themselves generally don’t.

Blackberry_on_watership_down In the last few months, I’ve come to the opinion that everyone should have at least one thing that they are truly geeky about – completely unashamedly.  Well, I think I have two things now πŸ™‚


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