I’ve always found New Year resolutions a bit like horoscopes – like, if you really believe it’s going to happen, then it probably will.  I do like to have a bit of a think at the beginning/end of a new thing, and that’s good for processing and so on, but I think I’m far too irresolute to go making resolutions.

Instead, I tend to go for walks talking out loud (to God and myself) about ‘themes’ for the new year.  Sometimes it feels like He says/suggests something, as was the case last year (but it’s private, so I can’t tell you).  Of late, I’m not feeling very competent at ‘hearing God say stuff’, but there’s one line that has dropped into me, over the past few weeks, and I think it’s Him:

What good will it do you to gain the whole world but lose your soul?

Obviously, I’m taking it that this year I shall become wildly successful and wealthy, and suffer all those sorts of problems 🙂  It’s a good line; I like it.  I like it that (like my last post) it shows how being successful and being yourself can work against or counterract or sabotage one another.  I think soul is a very good definition of ‘who you really are’ or ‘who you really should be’, and so, at the moment, I’m taking care to notice the things that steal my soul – that steal me, twist me, screw me up – and doing my best to ignore them, or sabotage them.

As for other resolution-type-things.  The plan is:
– to discover why some people LOVE whisky;
– to go to a football match, a rugby match, and a cricket match;
– to ‘perform’ publicly (whatever that means) once a month;
– to get better at buying flowers for Maria;
– to be more generous;
– to cook more and better.


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