me & my daddy


Well, after a hard week of digging things and planting things and digging things and watering things, I have a whole 5 hours until my next bit of gardening work comes along.  I have mud under my fingernails, a sore bum, a bit of a tan, and a much better state of mind.  So now, with anticipation in my veins (as it were), I can look forward to this week.

I am presently 25.  Once, my Dad was too.  This is a picture of him, aged 25:


He had a lovely mane of hair, didn’t he?  That was taken in Poland in 1970, I believe.

And just for comparison, here’s a picture of me, also aged 25.  Obviously, we’re father & son, but I think his nose is slightly bigger.

Plus I’m in colour, but that’s because I’m all MODERN 🙂


I turn 26 on Wednesday.

Mister David Today

Hiya.  As you can probably tell, I don’t tend to write so much when I’m not doing very well (which has often been the case this year), hence the periods of relative silence here.  But now, I am happy to tell you, I’m doing alright, thanks 🙂

After another beautiful holiday at home in the equatorial wastes of Devon, things in Edinburgh are working out pretty well – I have a couple of little informal gardening-type jobs (my attempt to pay for life as an amateur), and it is being very good for me.  Just being able to hear the birds sing is wonderful.

And this afternoon I have been letting YouTube be nice to me – here is something I want to share with you.  This is a (not v good) video of Johnny Cash’s last ever performance: about 8 weeks after his wife’s death, and a few months before his own.  Quite emotional to watch.  It’s at a family gathering …

my Easter message for the world?

                          ‘I will not die, but I will live
                  (and proclaim what the Lord has done)’

[I decided to wander down to the local parish church tonight, but unfortunately, there were other people there – a meeting was about to start, you see.  "Never mind," I thought.  "I’ll stay anyway."  So I did.  The above quote was in one of the readings.]