Collapsing Ceilings & Kind Strangers

On Thursday, I had paused in my gardening to watch the (very exciting) lightning storm which was illuminating our Scottish skies.  Sadly, the accompanying storm exacerbated our leaky roof to such an extent that my poor flatmate Clare had to watch while the ceiling of her bedroom fell in.

    [insert suitably disasterous-looking photo]

So, we had to get out – pack an overnight bag and escape the scene of terror – which made me feel kind of like a YWAMer again 🙂

Now, a couple of days later, I’m back in Devon, with my parents – it was probably the best option, despite the need to work and earn – and I’m really glad to be with them again.  I like my parents.

    [insert suitably happy-couple photo]

And I am also liked!  Even by strangers!  On the flight yesterday, I sat next to an old lady whose plane to Southampton had been cancelled, and who needed to get a taxi from Exeter or she’d miss her cruise (an awkward thing at a small out-of-town airport on a Sunday).  So I snapped to attention, contacted previously-mentioned beloved parents, and got everything sorted.  Good David.  And she (Hessie) was SO grateful that she bought be a hot chocolate, bought me a scone, forced a sandwich on me, gave me her address (in Perth) and demanded I visit, took my address so that she could send me a postcard, and told me to tell my Mum what a nice son she has 🙂

    [insert suitably Green-and-pleasant-David picture]

Bit overwhelming actually, but kind of give that ‘in the right place’ reassurance.