Intrigue & Mystery

First of all, I just want to report a new dimension to my life.

Having spent the whole of my first year in Edinburgh getting turned down from even the most menial of job opportunities (washing dishes in a kitchen is apparently above me), I now have the opposite sensation: people keep offering me jobs.

It’s more a trickle than a genuine avalanche just now, but I had two interviews today, and both seemed quite keen on me joining up.  One day I’ll have to decide what I want.

Point to consider: if last year was the year of choices amidst famine; maybe this year is about learning to choose the best option of several.

Okay, so there’s that.  The other thing is that, on Friday night, I not only did I get to go to a special screening of a new film (with Q&A with the director), but on the way home, I saw this man.Jimll 

[Indeed, I genuinely think he was wearing the same tracksuit …]

This is the man my sister & I used to call Jim’ll.  An absolute hero.  And a Yorkshireman!

Heaven knows what he’s been doing in Edinburgh, but he appeared to be cowering in a doorway, probably from having so many people shout out to him.  Bless.

And the next day Maria arrived, so it’s been a nice few days really.


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