Friends, not Workers

Now here’s a bit of news that will make us all happy:

Facebook abuse by workers is costing UK companies £132m a day, according to research by Peninsula, the employment law firm.

The research also shows that 233m hours are lost a month due to workers wasting employers’ time on social networking sites such as Facebook. The problem will cost employers £30.8bn per year and is to escalate.

Employers should have clear policies in place that spell out to workers what they can and cannot use the internet for. They need to define what is and what’s not acceptable during working hours. Bosses should continually remind staff that abusing company facilities such as accessing Facebook in company time is simply not tolerated. Repeated abuse may result in the employer taking action whenever anyone oversteps the mark.

The problem is, of course, that we like our friends, but don’t like our jobs (apparently, 21% of the British workforce is unhappy).  We need things that are good for our souls, hence ‘social networking’.  £30.8 billion is quite a lot, but I don’t think that our whole society will deconstruct because of too much chatting-with-friends.  Quite the opposite in fact.

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