Job Update

or ‘This is what I do with my time’ …

Tutoring: 3hrs/wk [Religious, Moral & Philosophical Studies Higher]
Gardening: 5hrs/wk [ish]
Newspaper Stand: 15hrs/wk [starts tomorrow – let’s see…]
Home-help: 1-2hrs/wk [ish]
Writing: whenever I’m free [presently working on 3 stories: To Be Born Is To Be Washed Up On An Island, I Met A Man, & Chased By A Lion.  Have just finished I Know An Old Lady.]
Dish-washing: 15-20hrs/wk [he says with a glimmer in his eye]

Plus I’m really hoping that Holy Rood High School in Duddingston are going to invite me for an interview about being a Learning Assistant – 14hrs/wk – cos I’d really like to work there …

So now you know.

One thought on “Job Update

  1. alright, alright i know those dishes were mine….thanks for doing them though love. and i wouldn’t want to disrupt the fact that you have that scheduled into your timetable!

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