Observations made whilst distributing newspapers …

Metrologo250After a whole week of giving out Metro newspapers on the Jenners corner of St Andrews Square, I feel like I have earned the right to share some of my observations with the world.  Here are fifteen:

i. Men take more papers than women.
ii. Women smile more than men.
iii. Ethnic group with the highest uptake ratio: East Asian – about 60% take one.
iv. The sorest part of my body at the end of a morning is my lower back.
v. Names I get called: Pal, Pally, Mate, Chum, Bud, Buddy, Son.
vi. Names I call customers: Sir, Pal, Mate, Love.
vii. You can nearly always tell a ‘taker’ before they give you any physical indication.
viii. The print gets all over your fingers, but washes off easily.
ix. Eastern Europeans are the most polite and cheerful.
x. Hair dye is far more commonplace than I had ever thought (esp. men).
xi. At least 40 people each day will feel moved to give an excuse for not taking a paper, in preference to saying ‘no thanks’ or just ignoring me.
xii. Most common excuse: ‘I just read it on the bus’.
xiii. I give away about 220 papers a day.
xiv. There is a noticeable lull between 09:10 and 09:20.
xv. Three OAPs (two ladies & a gent) meet in Jenners cafe every morning at 9.

If I think of more interesting observations, I’ll let you know …

One thought on “Observations made whilst distributing newspapers …

  1. Further observations:
    – It’s often hard to distinguish between someone raising their hand to take a paper and someone raising their hand to say no.
    – I’ve been moved to the Odeon on Lothian Rd. Far more English-accents to be heard now, and East Asians are no longer my highest rated demograph.
    – I got called ‘boy’ twice yesterday.

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