Everything’s Alright, Really

Okay, this shocked me, so I’m guessing it’ll shock you too.

Two days ago, on September the 25th, I went into a little mini-mart type shop.

Once inside, I was confronted with this:Lindt_2

Can you see what this is?  This is a Christmas reindeer.  On September the 25th.  On SEPTEMBER THE 25TH.

This reindeer was not an isolated reindeer, left over from last year somehow.  It was part of a full display – reindeers, Santas, and bells, of two or three different sizes each – a proper let’s-get-everyone-in-the-spirit display.  I was appalled.  I felt like making a whip out of something-or-other and chasing those capitalist scumbags out of there.  How dare they start Christmas now!

(the leaves haven’t started falling yet)

Sometimes you wonder what the world’s coming to, but then you see something that reminds you that there is goodness (and sweetness, and cuteness) in the world.  And so I was saved.  Ten minutes after being exposed to the Lindt Christmas Collection, I walked past McDonald’s and saw too craggy old men in flat caps sitting glumly in the window eating Happy Meals.

Everything’s alright really.

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