Finishing A Book

Hello.  There’s been a bit of a silence from me, and I thought I’d say why.

The day after tomorrow is my (newly wedded) sister’s birthday.  I have been writing a novel since something like the 19th of January 2005 (when I read a JM Barrie quote at a friend’s house in Tauranga and got inspired), and I thought that it was time that I finished it – as a birthday present, y’know?

So that’s taken up my time.  But it’s done now, done, bound and sent, and I can get on with some of the other stories that are awaiting my attention:

– The Man Who Sold Shares In Himself [contemporary slavery comedy-drama]
– Life In The Abyss [escapist fantasy adventure]
– Jumpers For Goalposts [bodyswapping time-travelling fun]
– When I Was Going To St Ives [dramatised nursery rhyme about Mormons]
– The Happy Pig [children’s fable]
– Till The Blue Skies [existential war-time epic]
– Chased By A Lion [a boy’s adventures in Zambia]
– Cyril Gets Soppy [PG Wodehouse parody]
– Red [children’s story about the Boy In The Moon]
– The Paper People [idea for children’s tv]
– Roundabout [about a family living in the middle of one]

I’ve written about 30 pages in total for these.  Lots to be done.

Trials & Tribulations of an RMPS Teacher

I’ve been teaching RMPS (Religious, Moral, & Philosophical Studies) Higher to a class of three funny little teenagers since September.  I can unequivocably confirm that they are all the sort of children who have very well-to-do parents who have sent them to very well-to-do schools, where they have studied to do particularly well.

I like them a lot, and we’ve been having a really, really good time in our classes – they’ve learned loads about having their own perspectives and discussing worldviews and so on …

The problem is, they are at College in order that they might pass their Highers.  Last Thursday, they took their first NAB (a kind of tell-tale exam, usually used to decide whether or not to enter students for the proper exams), and the results have not been pretty.

Exam Only one of them passed (and he was very, very lucky – he made it by 1 mark), and the other two managed to make such a hash of bits of the test that I really wonder if they froze and were unable to read the questions and think properly – I was expecting them to get 75-80%, not 40!

Anyway, I don’t feel like a great teacher just at the moment, and had to have a good long moan at my Director of Studies earlier …


Second football-related post in a row – oh dear …

But I need to tell you about the team I’ve joined (or have formed, along with some friends).  We are the Broughton Cosmos, and after one game, we have a thoroughly deserved 100% record!

No photos, alas, are available, detailing how we came from 2-1 behind to win 8-4 (and they were lucky to get four), despite playing without our impunctual captain for the first 30 minutes, and suffering from the lack of a real goalkeeper.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was the goalkeeper.  I’ve never played in goal (on a full-size pitch) in my life before – culture shock!  The goals are MONSTROUSLY big, and my area was so large I kept losing my bearings and getting lost in its vastness.

AND we conceded a goal after about 10 seconds – crap! – not the most comforting start for me …

But by the end – helped by the wind in the second half – we were very very comfortable winners (8-2 up at one point), and Maria (our only fan – what a good girlfriend she is!) said that she enjoyed it more than watching real football 🙂

Next report in a fortnight.

A Positive Correlation

Yeah, I just thought I’d point out how much Scotland has benefitted from having me residing within it, in sporting terms at least.  18 months ago, where was Scottish football?  Not doing the double over France and one win away from knocking out the world champions, that’s for sure.

Caldwell It’s all down to me, you know.  New Zealand were winning everything when I lived there too – look what’s happened to them now!

And today, against all the heartstring-pulling odds (the rival bid was more based on being in Africa than on doing things well), Glasgow was awarded the 2014 Commonwealth Games.  Hooray!!

Glas2 I’m very happy about this – and it’s a Friday too!