Finishing A Book

Hello.  There’s been a bit of a silence from me, and I thought I’d say why.

The day after tomorrow is my (newly wedded) sister’s birthday.  I have been writing a novel since something like the 19th of January 2005 (when I read a JM Barrie quote at a friend’s house in Tauranga and got inspired), and I thought that it was time that I finished it – as a birthday present, y’know?

So that’s taken up my time.  But it’s done now, done, bound and sent, and I can get on with some of the other stories that are awaiting my attention:

– The Man Who Sold Shares In Himself [contemporary slavery comedy-drama]
– Life In The Abyss [escapist fantasy adventure]
– Jumpers For Goalposts [bodyswapping time-travelling fun]
– When I Was Going To St Ives [dramatised nursery rhyme about Mormons]
– The Happy Pig [children’s fable]
– Till The Blue Skies [existential war-time epic]
– Chased By A Lion [a boy’s adventures in Zambia]
– Cyril Gets Soppy [PG Wodehouse parody]
– Red [children’s story about the Boy In The Moon]
– The Paper People [idea for children’s tv]
– Roundabout [about a family living in the middle of one]

I’ve written about 30 pages in total for these.  Lots to be done.


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