Rejection, Rejection

This week, I had the interesting pleasure of getting invited down to London Village for an interview – I’ve never flown to an interview before, (and they’re apparently going to pay!) so I guess that was pretty glamourous.

The job was an interesting pleasure in itself: set in the political land, I would have been doing administeration for, and networking within, an organisation that tries to train and support Christians around and about the Westminster Monster, and nationwide.  Quite a broad premise, and I guess that’s what attracted me – the chance for a space of my own from which to ‘do things’ within a fascinating sphere of society.

But as you can tell from my tone, I didn’t get it.

Rejection I didn’t really expect to get it, so I wasn’t disappointed.

What would have been FAR more awkward is if they had decided that they wanted me, since then I would have had to decide if I wanted them.  I’m still kind of wondering whether the positives (great foot-on-the-ladder job, huge potential, reasonable salary etc.) would have outweighed the negatives (moving away from Maria, skipping out on my flatmate and my Edinburgh friends, starting from scratch in a new place for the 4th time in 5 years etc.). They probably wouldn’t have.

So this is one bit of rejection that I don’t really mind.

Obviously, I’m bored of applying for jobs that don’t want me, and I’m tired of hoping for Something Perfect to turn up (cos each time it seems to, it turns me down).  I’m presently working relatively hard – about 24 hours a week – doing all the jobs I can, and I still get the feeling that I was better off with Job Seekers Allowance & Housing Benefit.  Ah, the System, the System …


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