Metro Marriage Advice

In my position as an all-action early-morning distribution agent for the Metro newspaper, I am well placed to notice when – as happens occasionally, maybe once or twice a month – there is actually something worth reading inside.  On Friday, there was.

Only one paragraph, but a goody.  Tom Hanks was being subjected to the usual horrendous interview that he has to deal with, as graciously as possible, about thirty times a day.  And then he was asked about the success of his marriage and invited to explain if there was a reason.  His reply is a pearler:

Your 20-year wedding anniversary’s coming.  What’s your secret?

Never getting divorced!  Picking the right person and saying: "You’re the one for me!"  That’s pretty much what happened.  It’s as simple as that.  I have a great friend who also happens to be the woman I like to sleep with every chance I get.  It seems to work out.


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