Paranoia Alert

Yesterday afternoon I noticed that 3 buttons on my phone – important buttons too – have given up providing the service known as ‘working’.  It’s awkward, cos I can only finish a call by the other person hanging up, which is a problem when you get put through to voicemail …

So, en route for the lesson I was teaching, I thought, "What a good idea it would be if I popped into the Orange shop while I’m in town!"  So that’s what I did.  (I was talking with Maria on the phone as I approached the shop, and had the same button-not-working problem).

I walked in.  I waited to be ‘seen’.  I was seen.  I told the chap, "I’m having trouble with my handset," got it out, and found everything working PERFECTLY.  Somehow, I avoided telling him this; making some other enquiry instead.  And then I left the shop.

By the time 50 metres had passed beneath my feet, the self-same buttons had ceased ‘working’ once more.

Do you think if I walk past the Orange shop tomorrow it’ll fix it?


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