I’ve not tended to write very much ‘personal’ stuff on here recently – maybe it’s easier not to – but I thought I’d have a go on this fine morning.

Since Christmas, I’ve been working 10 hours a day, running 3 jobs alongside each other (Metro, teaching, & the Nomads Tent), and it’s done me good to be reminded that all the people I’ve worked for really have benefitted from me being there – when you’re getting turned down at interview after interview, you start to question those kind of things.  So, pretty good.

Then, last Sunday, in church of all places, I think I might have just maybe possibly felt God speak to me (for the first time in a long, long time).  I was trying to ignore everything else that was going on, shutting my eyes, and when I did I had a picture of a medal (one you would wear round your neck, on a ribbon) come to mind straight away.  I followed the thought and was thinking about how so much of our lives we actually spend waiting for some finishing-line or other, always ready to be done with something, and how there are many dangers, toils, and snares which we do have to get through.

And after that I just got the feeling that God might be saying – with the medal – that something is just finishing now, and that it’s time to move on.  Interpretation: the horrible battle to find purpose and paid employment in the same place may now be being replaced.

I’m not sure what with – slightly more hopeful projects wouyld be nice – but when I checked my emails that night, I got one from my friend Chris in Rwanda, asking if I would be interested in acting as a sales representative for his card-making company (Cards from Africa), working on commission.  And then, on Friday, the Nomads Tent offered me a full-time role there, on the condition that I get my licence changed so I can drive manual vehicles.  So I’m thinking about these things.

And of course, every day is getting brighter and brighter just now – we ate lunch on the roof in the sun yesterday – and that kind of adds to the dynamic.


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