Saltire_small Well, it may not have been a particularly inspiring game, and England may not have played anywhere near what Maria & I had hoped, but still – WE WERE THERE!!!

It was me, Maria, my flatmate Clare, and her Dad (through whom the tickets came) – we had a GREAT time 🙂

I wore my Lions top and sang both anthems, but (obviously) was supporting England.  Our friends Jess & Heriot (an Anglo-Scot couple) had some similar issues.

But Scotland were much the better pack and I’ll never object to the best team winning (unless it’s France or Australia or something).


3 thoughts on “Murrayfield

  1. Come on Dave… England were appalling. All they had to do was play in the opponents 22 and they could not even do that. Deserved to lose. Where were the decision makers?

  2. Who’s writing under my name?!!!
    I think you missed the point of the post – WE WERE THERE! (As in, ‘I’ve never been to one of these things before and I LOVED it!’) Being there makes an awful lot of difference as to how you enjoy/relate to the result of a game …

  3. Whoops, sorry Dave… me I’m afraid. You used my m/c when you were last here… and I didn’t check!
    x Dad x
    PS Stand by my comments, but the only time I’ve seen England at Twickenham they lost to the Grandslamming Ireland… 20-odd years ago. As a (part) Cornishman I was adopted by a crowd of Irish lads who gave me a green and white scarf to wear as it became more and more likely that Ireland would win… and passed the Irish Whiskey bottle time and time again… hic!
    Since then I have supported Ireland in all their matches, except when they play England!

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