63 years older than me

This my Granma, Annie-Mary Minney.  She was born in Brynamman in south Wales on the 27th of March, 1919.  That’s ages ago!

Granma I gave her a ring yesterday morning to say happy birthday, and she was very happy.  She lives in warden-overseen accomodation (ie. eveyone has their own flat, but they all get checked up on regularly) in Exmouth, in which her two corridor-neighbours are Trixi (about 92 and very lovely) and Alf (88 last week and ‘the sprightly one’ of the bunch).  Granma was happy because Alf had come in to make her a cup of tea and read her cards, and then had popped off to make sure Trixi was up.  He also buys chips for them all for lunch on Fridays.

When Granma told me about that, I felt all warm inside – hearing about these three friends and their little community made me very happy.  I think I’m going to enjoy being old.


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