Nkosi Sikalel iZimbabwe

If there was ever a day to pray (and hope) for a country, it could be Zimbabwe today. Within the next 24hours, we might have finally seen the end of Robert Mugabe as president. There’s very little doubt that he has lost the election, it’s now a matter of whether he’ll let the election beat him.

And in the meantime, I found this story – a reminder of the quarter of Zimbabweans who have had to leave the country and are banned from voting in these elections as a result:

Expat Zimbabweans run own election

Zimbabweans cast votes across the world over the weekend as their country went to the polls — even though their ballots did not count. Mandla-akhe Dube, the general secretary of the Save Zimbabwe Campaign in New Zealand, said it was part of a global protest against their disenfranchisement.

"We wanted to highlight the fact that up to 4 million of us living outside Zimbabwe are disenfranchised," he said. The Government has not made a provision for us to vote by postal means. The only way we can highlight our plight is by conducting a mock presidential election."

Mock polls were held in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, as well as in the United Kingdom, South Africa, the United States, Australia and Belgium. At the New Zealand polls the result was conclusive.

"We voted in Morgan Tsvangirai of the Movement for Democratic Change with 74 per cent, followed by Simba Makoni with 23.65% … Robert Mugabe got 0% of the vote."

[from http://www.stuff.co.nz]


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