Evolving Evangelicals

[please note possible irony in that title]

I was just reading an interesting article online (from the LA Times or something I think, so necessarily United Statesian in its outlook) which included this observation:

Over the last 50 years, evangelical Christianity in the United States has moved away from fundamentalism, which is still dedicated to the idea of separation from an ungodly world. Evangelicals believe that the way to change culture is to participate in it, albeit with caution. Particularly in the last decade, as the movement has matured, intellectual institutions — journals, scholarly presses and advanced academic work — have quietly budded within evangelical circles.

Now, I don’t exactly call myself ‘evangelical’ (although I do believe in the evangel), but it has been the area of the Church with which I’ve had most contact, so I’m interested that it/they/we have changed significantly enough for the secular press to notice – a very healthy thing, especially since these are very healthy-looking changes.

Not sure I have much more to say than that.  But in writing this I’ve been wondering what Christian label I would presently stick on myself – always an awkward thing, especially since I can never handle other people’s nomenclature, and have to create my own.  Therefore I am (for the moment) a ‘non-conformist orthodox trinitarian who likes TD Jakes a lot’.  We are a small denomination.  Join us!  Let us point fingers at pharisees together 🙂



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