Being a Writer

When people meet me and ask what I do, I look around for Tom or Josiah to explain, "He’s a writer – he writes novels and things and does other jobs in order to support writing."  It’s good to hear it from them; it reassures me, and I don’t really trust it when I say it myself.

That’s one reason I like my friends.

But really, I’m not being a very good writer just at the moment.  About a month ago, my period of working 10 hours a day finished, leaving me with (reasonably) spare time virtually every day – perfect for a writer, surely?  But no, not really.  I write best first thing in the morning, which, ironically, is the only set period of work I have (7-10am, handing out my Metros), and, having been over-employed for a while, my time-management skills are very poor.  I could easily be writing 2000 words a day, but I’m not, and I’m frustrated.  GRRRRRRRRR!!!

So anyway, I thought you might like to know the stories I’ve been working on in the last two weeks:

          Back To Eden [two boys discover the Garden during their gap year]
          In Search Of A Lock [a guy has a key and wonders what to do with it]
          A Perfect Son [a Jewish boy has autism but no accompanying disabilities]
          In The Abyss And Above [a father & son escape from the Abyss their people live in]
          The Man Who Sold Shares In Himself [self-explanatory]

Quite a few! I tend to flick between things, you see – that may be another reason that I can’t seem to build up much momentum …


3 thoughts on “Being a Writer

  1. Did you finish the book you were working on an age ago when I saw you, then? I haven’t heard from you in a while, friend, and I’d love to read anything you’d not mind sharing… i do know how it is to feel you aren’t accomplishing as much as you would like to in writing… but then, it’s quite seasonal, isn’t it? sometimes it flows and sometimes its a struggle to eek out a sentence. lots of love from America, anyway! 🙂

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