Received in the Post today

To           David Rowe

Edinburgh, 30 April 2008.

You are hereby served with the foregoing Notice to Quit, Form AT6 and Section 33(1)(D) Notice, by me, Patrick Dooley, Sheriff Officer, 9 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh, dated this thirtieth day of April, two thousand and eight years, before and in the presence of Richard Milligan, residing in Edinburgh, witness to the premises and hereto with me subscribing.

Signed:          Witness              Sheriff Officer


Possibly the scariest piece of post ever.  They could have just rung up, said, "We’re sorry, the owner wants to sell the flat so you’ll have to get out," and we would have shrugged our shoulders and packed our bags.  Now we have to do that anyway, but feel fricking intimidated too!  It’s not just the above letter; there’s 6 pages of legal nonsense – the horrifying administratively correct way of saying, "OUT!"

Okay, okay.  I’m going, I’m going …


One thought on “Received in the Post today

  1. Update:
    In the spirit of “You can’t fire me, I quit!” ballsiness, Clare and I have decided to undercut their 2 month notice period by giving notice that we will leave in 1 month. That’ll make ’em feel small …

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