I’ve been making a movie!

                     [I prefer to call them ‘films’, but the alliterative effect made for a better title]

Yes, I am now (since Friday evening) officially a MOVIEMAKER and FILMSTAR!  I and some others (including the Wonderful Girlfriend) are taking part in the 48 Hour Film Project – an international competition (apparently Fargo, North Dakota is also hosting its leg this weekend) in which the local winners then have the chance of a worldwide win.

On Friday evening we were given a genre [detective/cop], a prop [CD], a line of dialogue [‘Is that all you’ve got?’] and a character [restauranteur, Roberta Darling] to include, and two days in which to complete our piece.

I joined on for experience really – to see what film-making looks like in practice – and as a writer.  But when Kev (writer/artist/co-director) and I sat down to write our plot on Friday evening, it quickly became clear that I was going to have to be the main actor as well.

And it’s all been pretty fun, really, although quite frustrating, when you just want to ‘get on with it’ and people are having conversations about technical things you don’t understand.  My last main scene involved ‘writhing’ in the toilets of Henry’s Cellar Bar in my best suit, nose pressed up flat against the pungently urine-flavoured floor.  A Moment.  We also filmed quite a good fight scene, a flirting-with-the-restauranteur (played by Maria) scene, and a collection of standing-on-a-stool-on-my-roof stills.

And now, I await the magic hands of the technically-gifted ones to turn it all into Art.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been making a movie!

  1. [update]
    Well, after some apparent technical bother, we managed to get our film in on time – or, more precisely, about 30 seconds before the actual deadline of 7:30 this evening.
    And apparently it’s quite good! I won’t see it until Tuesday night when the competing entries get screened, and then the winners are announced on Friday.
    Best Actor?

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