Stonkingly Good Cereal

Like so many contemporary humans starved of affirmation, I save text messages that encourage me.  For example, on the 10th of October last year, I got one from ‘Miss Blyon’ saying:

                                           Stonkingly good cereal mix mr. Rowe!

Now, as that might have told you, I’m kind of a master-chef when it comes to mixing cereals together to create something uniquely new and thrilling, yet nutritious and satisfying (as I re-realised last night when needing something starchy after my football match).  So, rather than hiding it under a bushel, I thought I’d share what depth of understanding I have so far garnered.


A really good container – V important.  Mine is glass with an airtight lid.
A big bowl – Important.  Steep sided, like you use for eating noodles.  No messing around with shallow ones.
A big spoon – Likewise.
Milk – Well obviously.  I use semi-skimmed.


Good quality ‘base’ – I use crunchy oat cereals, preferably with dried papaya and stuff in.
Something sweet/chocolatey – Coco Pops, Pecan Crunch, whatever.  Quality not important.
Cheap muck – It’s surprising how good rubbish cereals become when juxtaposed in a mix.
A proper good shaking.

And the best thing is that because you’re adding new ingredients all the time, you are constantly in a state of change – a perpetually new, never-before-seen combination of flavours.  Never the same breakfast twice.


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