Darling, fetch my demon-slaying slippers – I’m going out!

Right, I’m flat-searching at the moment.  Just saw this on Gumtree:

Haunted Flat to Rent

a 1 bedroom haunted 1 bedroom flat to rent in edinburgh just off leith walk and 2 minutes from the playhouse,
what can i say this flay is not frt the faint hearted,it is beleived a ghost of a killer is in this flat along with the spirits of his wife and children,they were killed by the killer.ican garuntee all this through personal experiances and after i bacame possessed by john the spirit of the murderer,if intrested call for more details,but please do not think this is a money making skam,if for any reason i fee that you are not able to handle the cosequences i will not rent the flat to you.
the flat is fully furnished and to a very high spec.
i will accep short lets.daily lets as i understand no one will be able to live in this flat for a long period of time
call me for more details

What’s he asking?  £600/month?  Tell him he’s dreaming …


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