Glimpses of Normality

Hi.  I'm kind of aware that, on this blog at least, I often seem to end up describing lots of things around me, but avoid talking about myself.  Obviously, that may be a good thing, and it may also reflect a bit of uncomfortableness on my part to share all the deep-things-of-the-heart.  MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmm …  While I go and ponder that, here are some photos.


With a Temporary Landlord [Sandy]:



With a Flatmate [Clare]:



With a Girlfriend [Princess Maria]:



With a Pout [?]



3 thoughts on “Glimpses of Normality

  1. Nice pics babe. The first one is definitely your “cheeky monkey” look. And the last is not unlike “Blue Steel” from Zoolander…

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