Simple Things

In my present mode - thinking in the direction of possible futures Maria & I might inhabit - it's simplicity that's most attracting me.  But what is The Simple Life?  Today's thoughts include:

rubbing dogs' tummies, arts & crafts, singing, the Westcountry, mealtimes, home, hospitality, rural living, hard but worthy work, chopping wood, growing things, alpacas & hens, fun, real ale & red wine, church, generosity, freedom to avoid success/not be rich, no rushing, close-knit, cosy, dry stone walls, Thanksgiving, an Aga, pubs, rugby, PG Wodehouse, tea pots, trees, herbs, rabbits, flowers, honeybees, Kate Rusby, the Kinks, meat pies and apple crumbles, baths, Christmastime, family.

So, that's me trying to be selfish.  I wonder if the way to avoid actual selfishness is to consider all this stuff a gift (and therefore available to all-comers).  Or maybe there's a more intentional, outward-looking dimension that needs exploring.  But nevertheless, it appears that I may be turning into Tom Bombadil.

I've got things to do: my making and my singing, my talking and my walking, and my watching of the country.  Tom has his house to mind, and Goldberry is waiting.


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